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ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) is in the simplest terms the tools supporting the process of obtaining data for databases, especially for data warehouses. The purpose of these tools is: obtaining data from external sources (eg SAP, ERP, other transaction systems), data transformation (cleaning, filtering, data merging, column and row transpositions, data rejection) and loading data into a database (usually a wholesaler) data). Among the DCG specialists there are experts in the field of ETL who work with such tools as Informatica Power Center, Websphere DataStage, IBM Cognos or SQL Server Integration Services.

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The key for us is to meet business needs armed with specific competences. We want to implement and implement even the most difficult challenges in the IT area. Our consultants, employees and contractors are specialized in many areas. One of them is ETL. Check what models we can cooperate in this area.

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